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Harmony Multi-Berry Wine

Harmony is a delectable blend of West Virginia grown blackberries, raspberries & blueberries. Just as nature always finds perfect balance, this triple-berry treat duplicates natures perfection.  Slightly sweet, the flavor of every berry has been captured for your enjoyment.   


$15.00 per bottle

Greedy Sisters - Strawberry Wine

We captured the wholesome goodness of West Virginia's finest strawberries.  The unique combination of warm sunny days and cool mountain nights results in a sweet , vine ripened berry that melts in your mouth.  Hand selected, crushed, and pressed within hours, every ounce of sweetness and flavor was retained.  Sweet.

$12.50 per bottle.

-- Sold Out --

Weary Traveler - Oak Aged Mead

Inspired by the echoes of long-ago travelers walking Indian Creek trail, this mead has a timeless depth and body that soothes the most weary among us.  Hints of honey balance the ruggedness of American oak.  A fine libation best savored amongst friend, family... and weary travelers.  Semi-Sweet.

$15.00 per bottle

Revival Hard Cider

Old World Libations' most popular handcrafted hard cider.  Created from a blend of 100% Monroe County grown heirloom apples, Heritage Cider balances the crisp tartness of the apples with a touch of residual sweetness.  Oak aged and unfiltered, this cider is reminiscent of  the ciders our forefathers enjoyed.  


$7.50 per 500 ml. bottle

Harvest Moon - Late Harvest Vignoles & Traminette Blend

For millennia, the light of the full moon closest to the autumnal equinox has

aided farmers scrambling to complete their harvests before winter.  This marks a time of celebration and abundance.  Partake in our bountiful harvest with the smooth & spicy, yet complex fruity finish of our late harvest blend.  The summer was ideal for late harvest Vignoles grapes, and we blended them with Traminette to produce this incredible libation.  

$15.00 per bottle

Prosper Apple Wine

Building strong roots is the key to prosper.  We select at least six unique apple varieties, ferment at the lowest temperatures to retain every nuance of

flavor, and then infuse a hint of French Oak to create a light, refreshing wine packed full of nature’s character and essence.

$12.50 per bottle

-- Sold Out --

Peach Dessert Mead

Peach Dessert Mead... a year in the making, and well worth the time and effort. Limited supplies exists as this was a trial... and we already wish we made much more. This is a perfect libation to replace your dessert following a great meal, or to sip with a piece of dark chocolate.   


$10.00 per 375 ml bottle.

-- Sold Out --

Strawberry Dessert Mead

Strawberry Dessert Mead... a year in the making, and well worth our patience. We have only limited supplies this year as this was a trial... and we already wish we made much more. This is a perfect libation to replace your dessert following a great meal.   


$10.00 per 375 ml bottle.

-- Sold Out --

Empty Nest - Estate Red

Sold Out until next year.  Bold flavors of cherry and currant with subtle hints of vanilla and oak make Empty Nest a treat for the senses.  Whole-bunch fermented Leon Millot grapes to produce a medium bodied, off-dry estate wine.  

$12.00 per bottle

-- Sold Out... for now --

Legacy Apple Mead (Cyser)

From one generation to the next, knowledge is passed.  So long as we remember, the legacy of previous generations will never fade.  This Old World recipe, a drink of long ago warriors, is but one of those legacies. Pure honey, fresh cider & raisins combine so that you may unleash your inner warrior.  

$14.00 per bottle

-- Sold Out --

Double Raven - Vanilla Bean Mead

Once known as “Nectar of the Gods”, mead has been sought after for millennia. A sip of Double Raven Vanilla Bean Mead, and you will understand why.  A luscious libation with depth that balances the intoxicating flavors of Madagascar vanilla beans and pure honey awaits you.  Semi-Sweet.

$14.00 per bottle.

-- Sold Out --

Triple Crescent

La Crescent grapes, young to the wine making world, were fated to create an

exciting white wine.  Citrus & pineapple aroma entice and captivate your senses from the first sip, until the final drop.  Triple crescent—an apt  symbol for a grape that will stand the test of time.   

$12.50 per bottlle

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