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Why not make it a day trip... or more? 

Monroe County, and our local area, offers incredible scenery and amazing opportunities.  Below are just a few of our favorite local businesses, farms, and attractions.

Sophisticated Hound Brewing Company

Located on 833 Mercer Street, Princeton, WV - 49 minutes

Local brewery and taproom that focuses on small batch brewing.  Sophisticated Hound never fails to please.  Whether you are going for the live music, incredible beer selection, or mouthwatering food, you are sure to be happy with the selection.   

Sophisticated Hound_edited.jpg

Weathered Ground Brewery

Located in Cool Ridge, WV - 61 minutes

Sam and Aryn have created something incredible.  met each other at The University of Mississippi (Ole Miss.) After college, Sam moved to Colorado to do some soul searching and he discovered his future passion with craft beer.  Eventually, they both found their way into working for a local brewery. As time went by the couple realized they wanted to start their own family brewery back in Aryn’s home state of West Virginia. They found a farm in Cool Ridge that they both adored and immediately started constructing a barn-like building that would soon become home to Weathered Ground Brewery.  

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