Art Competition anyone???

We are looking for a label design for our new Lithuanian-inspired mead.  Months ago we tried some incredible mead given to us as a gift direct from Lithuania… and now we have done our best at replicating it. It should be ready for bottling this fall, but I need to work on the label now so it is prepared.


So, if you are up to the challenge and would like to take a shot at designing our label art, please keep reading.  We will give the winner either $100 or $100 worth of wine/mead/cider (assuming they are 21 or older). The mead is likely going to be named “Medeina”.  You can find out more about Medeina here:  LINK 


We would like a design somewhat inspired (not necessarily replicated) by the sculpture of Medeina located in Vilnius, Lithuania (see below). Because I have to get federal approval for every label that we use, I would prefer to have the goddess a little more “covered”. Provocative is fine, true nudity may be difficult to get approved.


Ultimately, the artwork will have to be shrunk down to an area that is about 2” x 2”, so keep that in mind with your design. We will convert it to a digital format, so hard copy or digital originals are both fine. Also, once we select the winner, you must grant us all rights to the artwork to receive payment. Sorry, I don’t have the money for a lawsuit 10 years from now when you become internationally famous.


We are completely fine if you add in “hidden” designs, words, initials, etc. However, please let me know what it is and the meaning behind it in the event I need to justify it or explain it to the TTB (the old ATF… and the folks that approve the label).

Deadline for entry is May 15th.  The winner will be selected shortly thereafter.

All art formats are welcome: pencil, painting, pen, etc.  Please send all submissions to  If your art is hard copy versus digital, we request that you take a picture of it that shows all of the incredible details and forward that to us.  If we select your entry, we will coordinate the best method to obtain the original.

Medeina and Bear.jpg