Dunk Dates:   
Saturday, 18 September @ 5 PM
Sunday, 26 September @ 5 PM

Sunday, 10 October @ 4 PM
Saturday, 16 October @ 4 PM

Saturday, 13 November @ 4 PM
Sunday, 21 November @ 4 PM

Sunday, 12 December @ 3 PM
Saturday, 18 December @ 3 PM
Wine Nuts - Details.jpg

Official Rules for Indian Creek Wine Nuts

  1. All participants must sign an Old World Libation’s hold harmless agreement.

  2. Each participant must register and pay a $25 entry fee no later than their first dunk.

  3. No refunds will be given for any reason.

  4. To remain within the competition, each participant must dunk themselves (head, heart, and hind end) at the same time within Indian Creek.  Wearing wet/dry suits are not authorized and will disqualify the entrant.  All participants must be wearing non-waterproof clothing, bathing suits, or some other appropriate clothing.

  5. All dunking must occur on the Old world Libations’ property.  Dunking by-proxy will not be accepted unless fully coordinated with the Dunk-Meister (see below).

  6. Two dunking dates will be published for each month.  These dates will include one Friday and one Saturday, and be published on our website at least 3 months ahead of time for planning considerations.  In the event a scheduled date occurs during a flood or anticipated flood, the Dunk-Meister reserves the right to reschedule the dunk dates for safety reasons. 

  7. The Dunk-Meister, also known as Scott Ernst, reserves the right to change dates as required for safety and will be the final judge for whether a participant will remain within the competition.

  8. In the event the aforementioned Dunk-Meister dies due to a heart attack caused by excessively cold waters or is washed down Indian Creek and never seen again, April Ernst will inherit all of the roles and responsibilities of the Dunk-Meister.

  9. Following the last dunking (April of 2022) all remaining participants will receive a gift certificate good for any Old world Libations purchases.  The amount of the gift certificate will be an equal split between all of the remaining entrants of the total amount of all of the entry fees that were collected. 



                                  Example: $500 in entry fees were collected.

                                       Following the last dunk in April 2022, 4 participants remain.

                                       Each participant would receive a gift card for $125.