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Gentle Giant Red Wine - Saint Vincent Grape
First vintage - 2021

All lives are filled with challenges and joys.  To those that choose to deeply intertwine themselves with nature, those challenges and joys amplify as one becomes intimately familiar with the wheel of the year, the changing of the seasons, the never ending cycle of life and death on a farm, and the beauty and perfection that nature presents us.  This label is meant to memorialize and lighten the loss of a “Guardian of the Winery”.  We rescued Max at two years old and 50 lbs under weight, and he showed his appreciation by tirelessly protecting our family, providing a warm companion to the smaller animals during the cold of winter that he was impervious to, and reminding me that calm can balance the chaos.  He was truly a Gentle Giant that greeted with joy all that visited.  His keen eyes kept watch over the land, and those that he greeted to ensure their intentions were as pure as his.  Max conveyed that life was meant to be enjoyed; he moved at the pace of his choosing and still covered more distance than most would ever expect.  Rest easy friend.  

Gentle Giant - 2021 - Front Label - hidef.jpg
Triple Crescent - Front Label - Updated - HiDef.jpg

Triple Crescent White Wine - La Crescent Grape
First vintage - 2019

This label was inspired by many different aspects, but perhaps most by balance.  Balance in nature, balance in our lives, and balance in the vineyard.  Likely, we all have images in our mind of the tranquil vineyard with lush vines and beautiful, plump grapes.  This, to many, is serenity at its finest.  Yet, the keeper of the vineyard only finds true serenity at night, when the light fades and allows us to stop tending.  This is when we may rest and the calm settles into our body and soul, and over the land.  Wander among the vines lit only by the light of a crescent moon and you will be enveloped, and humbled, by the power of nature and her perfect balance.  The symbol of the Triple Crescent (though the exact symbol has changed over time) has, for millennia, embodied the perfect balance of power. In the Celtic world it symbolizes birth, life, and death.  In other realms it represents the mother, maiden, and crone which balances that of her masculine counterpart.  This label embodies our trek as we seek the natural balance within our own life.

Iron Wolf Lithuanian-Inspired Mead
First vintage - 2019 

In 2019, one of my Lithuanian coworkers was so excited to discover that we made mead, he had his grandmother ship him his favorite mead direct from Lithuania.  Lucas shared that incredible, and unique libation with me.  I sought out and found the original recipe.  After crafting our own version, I presented it to Lucas for the first taste.  He simply smiled and in his deep Lithuanian accent said, “You did it”.  

According to the legend, Grand Duke Gediminas (1275 – 1341) was hunting in the sacred forest near the Valley of Šventaragis, near where the Vilnia River flows into the Neris River. Tired after a successful hunt, the Grand Duke settled in for the night. He fell soundly asleep and dreamed of a huge Iron Wolf standing on top a hill and howling as strong and loud as a hundred wolves. Upon awakening, the Duke asked the pagan priest to interpret the dream. And the priest told him:

"What is destined for the ruler and the State of Lithuania, is thus: the Iron Wolf represents a castle and a city which will be established by you on this site. This city will be the capital of the Lithuanian lands and the dwelling of their rulers, and the glory of their deeds shall echo throughout the world."

Grand Duke Gediminas obeyed the will of gods, built the city, and gave it the name Vilnius.  

We honor the legend of the Iron Wolf and all that have followed their calling.

Iron Wolf - 2020 - Front Label - HiDef JPG.jpg
Weary Traveler - 2021 - Front Label - HiDef.jpg

Weary Traveler - Traditional Mead Aged on Oak
First vintage - 2019

Passing through the property of Old World Libations was an important and well-traveled Native American trail, thus the namesake of Indian Creek.  As the years progressed, this trail transformed into a vital route for settlers heading west.  Countless travelers passed over these grounds for thousands of years and left an indelible memory.  As fall approached and the threat of winter weather loomed, those travelers toiled to reach their destination.  On cool fall days, those that quiet their mind and stand next to that trail may still hear the distinct footfalls of ethereal weary travelers as they walk across the fallen leaves.  The steadfastness of the oak tree, the overwatch of the ravens, and the delicate, yet everlasting footprints upon this label honor the souls that still seek their final destination.  We hope this libation soothes their spirit until the day their journey is complete.   

Empty Nest Red Wine - Leon Millot 

First vintage - 2018

Many believe that Empty Nest syndrome is a time of loneliness and sadness that parents experience when their children move out of the home.  We prefer to view it as the time when the investment that parents made in their children to be strong, independent, and productive members of society begins to pay dividends.  The grapes for our first bottle of Empty Nest were harvested at the exact moment our youngest daughter was travelling away to college, thus launching us into life's next great adventure.  This label features two ravens flying away from their nest, representing our daughters that left home.  The raven was selected because they are known throughout history as incredible problems solvers, independent, loyal, and strong.  The nest is now empty, yet it is nestled among the grapevines, where their future together is now intertwined.

Every year we have many birds that choose to raise their babies among the grapevines, and every year we take great efforts to ensure we do not disturb them until the nest is empty.  Maybe it is a glimpse into our hopes that those birds will build their own nest one day and carry on the legacy.

Empty Nest - 2020 - Front Label - JPG.jpg
Double Raven - Front - PNG.png

Double Raven - Vanilla Bean Mead
First Vintage - 2018

Double Raven Vanilla Bean Mead was the first mead bottled by Old World Libations.  Reaching back into Celt and Norse mythology, the raven was recognized as a source of power, as it straddled the world of the living and the dead.  It was depicted as a messenger between these two worlds.  The double ravens, Huginn and Muninn, were also depicted in Norse tales as the eyes of Odin, flying around the world to gather and relay their discoveries.  Throughout history, the raven has been used as a symbol on weapons, shields, and ships to invoke the power of Odin.  We adorned our first mead with the Double Raven to symbolize our effort to preserve Old World traditions and our attempt to tap into the whispers and knowledge of those that have gone before us.   It is not uncommon to hear the distinct calls of the raven as we toil in the vineyard and orchard.  Those hauntingly beautiful sounds serve to remind us of the thin veil that exists between the worlds, that we must value our season as we steward the land, and that we are simply a part of a much bigger world.   

Harvest Moon White Wine -  Late Harvest Vignoles & Tramnette

First (and only) vintage - 2019

As this wine relies solely on ideal weather conditions, it will remain a rarity.

For millennia, the light of the full moon closest to the autumnal equinox has aided farmers scrambling to complete their harvests before winter.  As the daylight wanes and the cool days and nights of fall settle in, the additional light of the full moon during this time is revered.  This marks a time of hard work, celebration and abundance.  This full moon is known as the Harvest Moon.  Though they were not gathered in the light of the harvest moon, these grapes were held on the vine long enough to be kissed by the moonlight of the 2019 Harvest Moon.  Late harvest grapes may only be gathered when ideal weather conditions allow for them to hang on the vine past their normal harvest ripeness, while their qualities continue to improve.  These conditions may only occur once every few years, making this a unique libation to be savored. 


A late summer drought  in 2019 provided us the opportunity and allowed Mother Nature to sweeten the late harvest Vignoles grapes, reaching over 30 Brix (28.8 Brix for the blend) with an ideal balance of acid. 

Harvest Moon - Front Label - PNG.png

Greedy Sister Strawberry Wine
First vintage - 2018

We spent over a decade developing recipes and techniques for our fruit wines and meads before opening the doors of Old World Libations.  As I was active duty military during this time, I had logistical challenges that I had to overcome during the fermentation and wine aging process.   Long days, unexpected moves, and inconsistent temperature control were but a few of those challenges.  However, the development of our strawberry wine had other, more subtle challenges.   It was normal to bottle a batch of wine and then sample that product over a period of a year or more to determine the peak of flavor.  Following the bottling of one such batch, I was unexpectedly deployed to Jordan for seven months.  During this period of wine aging, and my absence, my two sisters would regularly visit my family.  To my dismay, they would also regularly taste the labors of my efforts.  When they finally communicated to me, half a world away, that my supply of over 20 bottles of strawberry wine (of which I had not yet tasted a drop) was now a meager 3 bottles, I was forced to put a stop to their tastings until I returned.   Any further questions as to why this is now named Greedy Sisters?

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