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Danu - 2022 - front label - JPG.jpg

Danu White Wine

First vintage - 2020

Deep within the emerald heart of the Irish landscape, amidst the whispering trees and murmuring streams, the ancient spirits of the land weave tales of reverence and grace. Among them, the legendary figure of Danu, the divine matriarch of the Tuatha Dé Danann, reigns supreme. It is her essence that we honor with our Danu - Goddess of Fertility.

In the embrace of Danu, we find a tribute to the awe-inspiring force of feminine power, a strength as timeless as the earth itself. With each sip, we pay homage to the sacred circle of life, where the heartbeat of the land dances in perfect harmony with the rhythm of the universe.

Danu, the mother goddess, embodies the very spirit of creation and fertility. In her gentle gaze, we see the promise of abundance, the unyielding bond between the earth and the life it nurtures. With the onset of spring, her presence blankets the world, awakening it from its winter slumber and inviting the land to flourish once more.

As you partake in this libation, let its elixir of flavors soothe the soul and invigorate the spirit. May it provide respite, a moment of tranquility amidst the hustle and bustle of life.

In raising your glass, honor the legacy of the goddess Danu and the matriarchs of strong families, who, like her, embody resilience, love, and the boundless potential that lies within.  With each sip of Danu, immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Ireland's ancient history, where every drop whispers a tale of reverence, respect, and an unbreakable bond with the land. Join us in raising a glass to honor the divine feminine, to celebrate the legacy of the past, and to embrace the boundless potential that lies within each and every one of us.

Porch Sipper - 2023 - front label - JPG.jpg

Porch Sipper White Wine 

First vintage - 2021

Nestled in the embrace of a front porch swing, where time slows and stories unfold, Porch Sipper awaits. This blend of white wine grapes captures the essence of cherished moments spent on idyllic porches, where friendships are forged and memories are etched into the fabric of time.

From the porch swing's gentle sway, one gazes across the front porch of a weathered log cabin. It stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of tradition, a place where kinship flourishes and bonds are woven. As the glass of Porch Sipper catches the light, a flicker of nostalgia dances within your soul.

In the backdrop of the label, Cook's Mill, an iconic image that weaves through the tapestry of Monroe County, stands as a silent sentinel.  The iconic home of countless Greenville gatherings, tranquil moments for couples stealing a few minutes alone, and a testament to craftsmanship.  It whispers a promise that good friends, no matter how far or how long, are never forgotten. As you raise your glass of Porch Sipper, let it be a tribute to the enduring legacy of friendship—the threads that weave through time, connecting us to the past and inspiring us for the future.  

Sip from your glass of Porch Sipper, letting its warmth mingle with your senses, as you sit on your porch swing, embracing the serenity of the moment. Raise a toast to the timeless tradition of front porch conversations and the lasting bonds they create. Let the memories shared and the friendships forged be a reminder that in each glass of Porch Sipper, we honor the beauty of connections that withstand the test of time.

Sultry Nights - Front Label - HiDef.jpg

Sultry Nights Red Wine - Leon Millot
First vintage - 2021


Amidst the sultry embrace of a summer night, Sultry Nights wine materializes, an alluring elixir meticulously crafted from the exquisite Leon Millot grape. Bathed in the moon's radiant glow, this wine beckons you to partake in its seductive dance.

The label captures the essence of those warm summer nights—a full moon radiating its seductive aura, embraced by whispers of clouds that add an air of mystery. In the foreground, the leaves of a tree rustle in harmony with the nocturnal symphony. This image evokes the timeless allure of Sultry Nights.

In the vineyard, the Leon Millot grape thrived under the warm summer nights, soaking up the sultry atmosphere. The result is a wine that bursts with flavors of spiced plum—a tantalizing fusion that awakens the senses and ignites the imagination. 

Sultry Nights invites you to unravel the layers of its seductive allure—a wine that tempts the senses and draws you closer to moments of captivating connection.  Let Sultry Nights wine be your companion as you explore the depths of flavor and surrender to the enchantment of the night. Savor the spiced plum notes that caress your palate, indulging in its allure as it hints at the pleasures that await.

As you uncork a bottle and pour its rich essence into your glass, know that drinking this wine under the cover of darkness may kindle the flames of passion.  Whether savored alone, surrendering to the seduction of solitude, or shared with a kindred spirit, Sultry Nights promises an unforgettable journey. Allow its flavors to intertwine with your desires, letting the moonlight guide you to those moments of fiery connection and the allure of unspoken desires.


Creekside - 2020 - front label - Hi Def.jpg

Creekside White Wine - Traminette
First vintage - 2020

In the heart of Monroe County, where the gentle melody of Indian Creek weaves its way through the land, lies a place where cherished memories and lifelong friendships are forged. It is here, amidst the whispering waters and the caress of nature's embrace, that Creekside finds its home.

The Traminette grape, nurtured by the creek's timeless flow, embodies the essence of this extraordinary elixir. Its delicate flavors and subtle notes dance upon the palate, inviting moments of connection and camaraderie. And so, upon the label, a tale unfolds—two chairs nestled in the very waters that mirror the beauty of our winery, inviting companionship and shared conversations.

In the hallowed presence of Indian Creek, time slows down, granting respite from the hustle of everyday life. As the sun dips below the horizon, casting its golden hues upon the rippling waters, friends gather, drawn together by the allure of the creek's timeless charm. They come bearing glasses, filled to the brim with the ruby elixir of Creekside, a libation that holds within it the promise of stories and laughter.

With each sip, as the wine washes over their palates, barriers crumble, and the symphony of conversation begins. Words weave through the air like gentle currents, mingling with the murmur of the creek, as bonds are strengthened, and memories take root. As the moon casts its ethereal glow upon this cherished gathering, it becomes apparent that Creekside holds more than the nectar of the vine—it carries the elixir of enduring friendships.

Raise your glass, dear friends, to Creekside —a tribute to the conversations that flow, the laughter that resonates, and the friendships that forever blossom along the banks of Indian Creek. May this elixir ignite the spark of connection within your soul and become the catalyst for your own unforgettable moments by the water's edge.

Beltane Mead - Front Label - hiDef JPG.jpg

Beltane Mead
First vintage - 2021


Beltane, the mead that stirs the senses and sets the spirit ablaze, is a tantalizing blend crafted from the succulent flavors of sour cherry, plum, and blackberries. Its essence is a celebration of life, love, and the primal connection to nature.

The label captures the essence of the Beltane celebration—a sacred night when the boundaries between the mortal realm and the realm of spirits grow thin. In the foreground, two figures embrace in dance, their forms cast in shadow, subtly illuminated by the flickering light of a blazing bonfire. It is a celebration of uninhibited passion and the timeless bonds that unite us all.

Beltane speaks to the ancient rhythms of the Earth, where the changing seasons intertwine with our existence. It carries within it the whispers of nature's wisdom, reminding us to listen closely, to harmonize with the ebb and flow of life's currents. As the bonfire illuminates the night, it illuminates our souls, calling us to shed the shackles of modernity and embrace the primal forces that shape our very being.

In the depths of Beltane's flavors, the sweet tang of sour cherry, the lusciousness of plum, and the tantalizing burst of blackberries, one finds a reminder that a life attuned to nature's symphony is a life truly lived. It is a call to nurture the seeds of our own desires, to embrace the wild within us, and to find fulfillment in the simplicities that dance at the heart of existence.

Beltane is a celebration of fertility, the sacred dance of life, and the ancient rites that have endured for millennia. By the bonfire's warm glow, love's embrace becomes a sacrament, connecting us to the timeless tapestry of human connection, reminding us that the passionate flame of desire has burned bright since the dawn of time.

Indulge in Beltane, and let its elixir ignite the fire within, awakening the primal instincts that lie dormant. As you savor the flavors that intertwine upon your palate, allow yourself to be transported to a place where the boundaries blur, where nature's wisdom guides us, and where the dance of passion echoes through the ages.

Gentle Giant - 2021 - Front Label - hidef.jpg

Gentle Giant Red Wine - Saint Vincent Grape
First vintage - 2021

All lives are filled with challenges and joys.  To those that choose to deeply intertwine themselves with nature, those challenges and joys amplify as one becomes intimately familiar with the wheel of the year, the changing of the seasons, the never ending cycle of life and death on a farm, and the beauty and perfection that nature presents us.  This label is meant to memorialize and lighten the loss of a “Guardian of the Winery”.  We rescued Max at two years old and 50 lbs under weight, and he showed his appreciation by tirelessly protecting our family, providing a warm companion to the smaller animals during the cold of winter that he was impervious to, and reminding me that calm can balance the chaos.  He was truly a Gentle Giant that greeted with joy all that visited.  His keen eyes kept watch over the land, and those that he greeted to ensure their intentions were as pure as his.  Max conveyed that life was meant to be enjoyed; he moved at the pace of his choosing and still covered more distance than most would ever expect.  Rest easy friend.  

Triple Crescent - Front Label - Updated - HiDef.jpg

Triple Crescent White Wine - La Crescent Grape
First vintage - 2019

This label was inspired by many different aspects, but perhaps most by balance.  Balance in nature, balance in our lives, and balance in the vineyard.  Likely, we all have images in our mind of the tranquil vineyard with lush vines and beautiful, plump grapes.  This, to many, is serenity at its finest.  Yet, the keeper of the vineyard only finds true serenity at night, when the light fades and allows us to stop tending.  This is when we may rest and the calm settles into our body and soul, and over the land.  Wander among the vines lit only by the light of a crescent moon and you will be enveloped, and humbled, by the power of nature and her perfect balance.  The symbol of the Triple Crescent (though the exact symbol has changed over time) has, for millennia, embodied the perfect balance of power. In the Celtic world it symbolizes birth, life, and death.  In other realms it represents the mother, maiden, and crone which balances that of her masculine counterpart.  This label embodies our trek as we seek the natural balance within our own life.

Iron Wolf - 2020 - Front Label - HiDef JPG.jpg

Iron Wolf Lithuanian-Inspired Mead
First vintage - 2019 

In 2019, one of my Lithuanian coworkers was so excited to discover that we made mead, he had his grandmother ship him his favorite mead direct from Lithuania.  Lucas shared that incredible, and unique libation with me.  I sought out and found the original recipe.  After crafting our own version, I presented it to Lucas for the first taste.  He simply smiled and in his deep Lithuanian accent said, “You did it”.  

According to the legend, Grand Duke Gediminas (1275 – 1341) was hunting in the sacred forest near the Valley of Šventaragis, near where the Vilnia River flows into the Neris River. Tired after a successful hunt, the Grand Duke settled in for the night. He fell soundly asleep and dreamed of a huge Iron Wolf standing on top a hill and howling as strong and loud as a hundred wolves. Upon awakening, the Duke asked the pagan priest to interpret the dream. And the priest told him:

"What is destined for the ruler and the State of Lithuania, is thus: the Iron Wolf represents a castle and a city which will be established by you on this site. This city will be the capital of the Lithuanian lands and the dwelling of their rulers, and the glory of their deeds shall echo throughout the world."

Grand Duke Gediminas obeyed the will of gods, built the city, and gave it the name Vilnius.  

We honor the legend of the Iron Wolf and all that have followed their calling.

Weary Traveler - 2021 - Front Label - HiDef.jpg

Weary Traveler - Traditional Mead Aged on Oak
First vintage - 2019


Within the realm of Old World Libations, a sacred path echoes through time, bearing witness to the ancient spirits that once tread upon its soil. Indian Creek, its namesake born from the importance of a revered Native American trail, served as a lifeline for countless wanderers journeying westward. Centuries gave birth to a tapestry woven with the footfalls of those who forged a path through these lands, leaving an indelible imprint upon the earth.

As autumn's embrace grew tighter and winter's grip loomed, weary travelers found solace in the steadfastness of this trail. Amidst the crisp air and rustling leaves, those attuned to the whispers of the past may still catch the ethereal echoes of footfalls, resounding through time. Stand by this trail, quiet your mind, and listen—let the wind carry the murmurs of those souls seeking their final destination.

On this label, we pay homage to their enduring spirits. The oak tree, a symbol of resilience and strength, stands tall as a sentinel, guarding the path and sheltering the memories etched into its bark. Ravens, ancient observers of the world's secrets, cast their watchful gaze, guardians of the ethereal realm. Delicate, everlasting footprints grace the label, an homage to the restless souls still seeking solace on their eternal odyssey.

As you partake in this libation, let its elixir of flavors soothe their wandering spirits. May it provide respite, a moment of tranquility on their ceaseless quest. With each sip, honor the legacy of those who traversed these hallowed grounds, their footsteps forever intertwined with the essence of this place.

In the twilight of the seasons, as the leaves fall and the world finds stillness, raise your glass to the timeless travelers who journeyed upon Indian Creek. Through this libation, may their souls find solace until the day their pilgrimage finds completion.

Empty Nest - 2020 - Front Label - JPG.jpg

Empty Nest Red Wine - Leon Millot 

First vintage - 2018

Empty Nest—the wine that unveils the transformative beauty hidden within life's transitions. While many perceive Empty Nest as a time of solitude and melancholy, we embrace it as a testament to the seeds of independence and strength we've sown in our children, now blossoming into a vibrant tapestry of new beginnings.

Within this bottle, the essence of Empty Nest is woven from grapes hand-harvested at the precise moment our youngest daughter embarked on her collegiate journey. Like the threads of fate, it propelled us into life's next exhilarating chapter, where adventure beckons and possibilities abound.

The label reveals a captivating tableau—a pair of ravens gracefully ascending from their nest, symbolic guardians of the daughters who have ventured forth. Ravens, revered throughout history for their problem-solving prowess, unwavering loyalty, and indomitable strength, embody the spirits of our beloved children. The nest, now vacated, finds solace amidst the very grapevines that intertwine their destinies, forging a future woven with love and legacy.

Each year, as the grapevines thrive, we witness an abundance of avian life nurturing their young within these hallowed vines. In reverence to this exquisite natural dance, we ensure their sanctuary remains undisturbed until the nest is emptied. It serves as a testament to our hopes, as those fledglings take flight and establish their own nests, carrying forward the legacy we've crafted with unwavering devotion.

Double Raven - Front - PNG.png

Double Raven - Vanilla Bean Mead
First Vintage - 2018


Welcome to the realm of Old World Libations, where traditions are cherished and stories are woven into every sip. Today, we unveil the captivating tale behind our very first bottled mead—Double Raven Vanilla Bean Mead—a brew that beckons us to delve into the depths of ancient mythologies and embrace the whispers of the past.

As we traverse the realms of Celt and Norse mythology, the raven reigns supreme as a harbinger of power, straddling the delicate threshold between the living and the departed. Revered as messengers between these two worlds, these magnificent creatures captivated the imaginations of our ancestors.

The illustrious duo of Huginn and Muninn appear upon this label—double ravens that adorned the tales of Norse mythology as the all-seeing eyes of Odin himself. These divine emissaries traversed the globe, gathering knowledge and secrets, their wings carrying them to the farthest reaches of the world. As symbols of Odin's wisdom and foresight, ravens graced weapons, shields, and ships, invoking the mystical powers of the Allfather.

With great reverence for these ancient traditions, we chose to grace our inaugural mead with the iconic Double Raven, embodying our commitment to preserving the essence of Old World customs and our yearning to tap into the whispers and wisdom of those who came before us. Each sip of this elixir is an invitation to embark on a timeless journey, where the spirits of the past guide our steps and illuminate our path.

As we toil in the vineyard and orchard, our labor serenaded by the hauntingly beautiful calls of the raven, we are reminded of the ethereal connection that binds us all. The thin veil that separates our world from the realms beyond serves as a poignant reminder of our place in the grand tapestry of existence—a humble thread interwoven with nature's intricate rhythms.

Within every golden drop of Double Raven Vanilla Bean Mead, the ancient tales, age-old wisdom, and the legacy of those who came before us converge. Join us in raising a glass to honor the ties that bind us to a time-honored past and to celebrate the boundless potential that lies within each one of us.

Harvest Moon - Front Label - PNG.png

Harvest Moon White Wine -  Late Harvest Vignoles & Tramnette

First (and only) vintage - 2019

As this wine relies solely on ideal weather conditions, it will remain a rarity.

For millennia, the light of the full moon closest to the autumnal equinox has aided farmers scrambling to complete their harvests before winter.  As the daylight wanes and the cool days and nights of fall settle in, the additional light of the full moon during this time is revered.  This marks a time of hard work, celebration and abundance.  This full moon is known as the Harvest Moon.  Though they were not gathered in the light of the harvest moon, these grapes were held on the vine long enough to be kissed by the moonlight of the 2019 Harvest Moon.  Late harvest grapes may only be gathered when ideal weather conditions allow for them to hang on the vine past their normal harvest ripeness, while their qualities continue to improve.  These conditions may only occur once every few years, making this a unique libation to be savored. 


A late summer drought  in 2019 provided us the opportunity and allowed Mother Nature to sweeten the late harvest Vignoles grapes, reaching over 30 Brix (28.8 Brix for the blend) with an ideal balance of acid. 

Greedy Sister Strawberry Wine
First vintage - 2018


Our passion for crafting exquisite fruit wines and meads began over a decade ago, nurtured during a time when I served in the ranks of the military. This chapter of my life presented unique challenges, with logistical hurdles peppered throughout the delicate processes of fermentation and aging. Long days, unexpected moves, and the ever-elusive quest for consistent temperature control tested our resolve.

Amidst these trials, the creation of our beloved strawberry wine posed its own set of subtle challenges. It was customary for me to bottle a batch and patiently sample it over the course of a year or more, awaiting that elusive moment when the flavors reached their crescendo. Little did I know that an unexpected twist awaited me on the horizon.

Shortly after bottling one of these precious batches, destiny called me to an unforeseen journey—a seven-month deployment to Jordan. As I embarked on my duty far from home, my two cherished sisters took it upon themselves to visit my family in my absence. Fueled by curiosity and an unmistakable love for the craft, they couldn't resist the temptation to taste the fruits of my labor.

Oh, how dismayed I was when their message reached me across continents and oceans—what was once a bountiful supply of over 20 bottles of our strawberry wine had dwindled to a mere 3!  An intervention was necessary, as I implored my dear sisters to halt their indulgence until I returned.

And so, the moniker "Greedy Sisters" was lovingly bestowed upon our beloved creation, forever etching the tale of familial love, shared passion, and a touch of mischief. Each sip of this exquisite wine is a testament to the countless hours, the tireless dedication, and the unbreakable bond that unites us.


We invite you to join us on this heartfelt journey, as we raise a glass of Greedy Sisters and toast to the enduring spirit that weaves us together. Let this libation carry you into a world where flavors intertwine with family ties, where every drop whispers a tale of love, and where the sweetest memories are forever etched in the heart.

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